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Secret of Creating your Empowered Life


Do you sometimes wake up and think there must be more than this?

Do you wish you had purpose?

Do you feel that you are drifting along day to day?

Do you lack an element of clarity?

Do you ever doubt yourself?

Do you feel that sometimes you lack confidence?

Are there events in your past that make you feel bad? 

Are you experiencing self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns? 

Have you set goals and not achieved them? 

Are you lacking in motivation and fulfilment? 

Do you know you have the skills you could revive but don’t have the confidence to do what you want?

Are there things you want to achieve?

So, I’m wondering......

Would you like to get back on track and re-focus?

Would you benefit from being more confident and self assured?

Would you like to get clearer on what you want to achieve?

Would you like to increase your energy levels?

Imagine now getting rid of all your doubts!

We have got some GREAT news for you, the SOLUTION to your problem! 

The Secret of Creating Your Empowered Life  is the ultimate personal development seminar for you. During these exciting 2 days we will be utilising the most advanced techniques for creating personal change from NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. Plus we’ll be sharing with you the secrets of how to achieve personal empowerment. During the seminar, you will heal your past and learn exactly how to create your future the way that you want it. AND everything that you learn at the seminar you will be able to continue to utilise for your development and the achievement of all of your goals.

What will you learn during The Secret of Creating Your Empowered Life?

Discover how to heal past negative experiences once and for all 

Eliminate feelings of anger, sadness, fear and guilt from your past. 

Stop negative thinking forever

Put an end to self-fulfilling prophecies. 

Learn how to heal all of your relationships in the past, and present. 

Increase your own personal energy levels. 

Discover how to get motivated and stay motivated 

Understand the importance of boundaries and agreements for success in life. 

Discover the secrets of to set goals in such a way so that you achieve them every time 

Find out how to make a quantum leap in your success

What Women Are Saying About  The Secret of Creating Your Empowered Life  

Hugely powerful and effective to gain instant empwerment of your emotions - Samantha Falconer

Who’s presenting this exciting seminar:

Sally-Ann North

Sally-Ann is an inspirational therapist/trainer with an exceptional track record of guiding others to achieve positive personal change. Her sensitive approach to people blended with her sense of humour, establishes her as a gifted and trustworthy confidante as well as a team player. Goal setting and process definition is her forte by using the application of NLP to achieve excellence.

Sally-Ann set out on a career change and received her first Diploma as a Hypnotherapist in 1997. She continued her path of learning at The European College of Holistic Medicine training under Phil Parker in 2004 incorporating NLP, Life Coaching and the Lightning Process to her skills. She also worked with Phil as a Supervisor/Coach on his Hypnotherapy Course in London and became one of the first Advanced Practitioner’s of The Lightning Process, holding Seminars in the UK and Oslo since 2005. In 2009 she trained with Sue Knight (acclaimed author of NLP at Work) to further her NLP Master Practitioner studies. She completed her Master Practitioner/Time Line Therapy/Hypnosis and Coaching Training with Mind Training Systems last year.

She has recently attended Trainer's Training with Dr's Tad & Adriana James in Las Vegas and is now a certified Trainer of NLP. Sally-Ann is looking forward to sharing with you the secrets of how you can create your future the way you want it.

“Sally-Ann is a very effective, personable, warm, genuine and knowledgeable trainer. I highly recommend her and I saw immediate results in my performance at work and my day-to-day living. She really cares about her clients and this comes across in her approach to her work.” – Emma Bond

Dates for your diary:

To be confirmed

Our Incredible Special Offer for You which is Guaranteed When You Call and Get Booked in Today!

I know firsthand that this seminar will allow you to create the results that you want and as a genuine token of my gratitude for you booking your place I have this special offer for you.

Seats at The Secret of Creating Your Empowered Life  are usually £397, however you have the opportunity now to make an Incredible Saving of £200  when you call today and book your place for just £197

All Wonderful Women Should Come to The Secret of Creating Your Empowered Life.  Give us a call right now, while it’s fresh in your mind. Call 07795 432664  to guarantee your place.

Sally-Ann North

Sally-Ann North





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