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Time Line Therapy Training


Secret of Creating your Empowered Life


Do you sometimes wake up and think there must be more than this?

Do you wish you had purpose?

Do you feel that you are drifting along day to day?

Do you lack an element of clarity?

Do you ever doubt yourself?

Do you feel that sometimes you lack confidence?

Are there events in your past that make you feel bad? 

Are you experiencing self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns? 

Have you set goals and not achieved them? 

Are you lacking in motivation and fulfilment? 

Do you know you have the skills you could revive but don’t have the confidence to do what you want?

Are there things you want to achieve?

So, I’m wondering......

Would you like to get back on track and re-focus?

Would you benefit from being more confident and self assured?

Would you like to get clearer on what you want to achieve?

Would you like to increase your energy levels?

Imagine now getting rid of all your doubts!

We have got some GREAT news for you, the SOLUTION to your problem! 

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Presenting Powerfully

Last time we ran this training we sold out of tickets!!! Now we've added some exciting new material too!

Discover the secrets of the best speakers and trainers

Whether you want to give presentations or speeches, work more efficiently within team environments, handle meetings more effectively, lead groups or conduct trainings, seminars or workshops - you will find this course invaluable

This training is for anyone who needs to speak in a compelling way

  • Would you like to be the first to get your hands on some exciting and unique material?
  • Wouldn't it be great for you to consistently achieve guaranteed results from your speaking and presenting?
  • Would you benefit from discovering how to WOW your audience?
  • Would you like to eliminate old fears and nerves and replace them with resourceful states of mind while having fun?

What will I Learn at Presenting Powerfully? 

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Sally-Ann North

Sally-Ann North





SallyAnnNorth RT @RevitaliseCoach: Fabulous start to my 5 day challenge! People have been doing videos and posts sharing their business dreams. We’ve g…
SallyAnnNorth @RevitaliseCoach Relieved, exhausted and hungry!