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Created: 09 November 2011

The HypnoGastricBand© is a revolutionary new concept, a brilliant alternative to surgery and very effective in weight loss. It is a  step by step process that can help you reach the target weight you so desire for much less expense to surgery. Our mind band can give you the same results as a real gastric band and last forever. The only thing you have to lose, is weight!

In reality the gastric band is an adjustable band also known as a Lap-Band, that is placed around the top portion of the stomach, via keyhole surgery, in order to treat obesity. The gastric band is however not an easy option for obesity sufferers due to the surgery involved, it is a drastic step, and carries the usual pain and risks of any major surgical operation in this area of the body. With the HypnoGastricBand© you can have the same results but without the risk & astronomical cost. For more information


P4 (Phil Parker Peak Performance)

Created: 31 October 2011

Phil Parker, one of the UK's leading personal development experts,  has just launched his revolutionary two day training programme P4. This is a self-coaching strategy  that enables participantsto increase their confidence and focus both at work and home. Have a look at the website to learn more. 


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