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Created: 08 February 2013

Presenting Powerfully is something I came across last year in Las Vegas when I trained as an NLP Trainer with Tad and Adriana James. I spent 18 days in the training room completing endless exercises regarding presenting. During this period, we started from scratch, gradually layering information which enabled us to present in the best possible way.

On my return from the training I was asked to present for half an hour at a networking meeting. I did not know the group at all and accepted the invitation without any of my previous fears of speaking in public. I prepared my presentation in the format I had been taught and put my newly learnt skills into action. What an amazing result! I presented in a very calm manner and my content came across as engaging, I received great feedback.

A few weeks ago I watched a video of myself presenting prior to my Trainer's Training and was horrified to see how distracting I must have seemed to the participants! At the same time I feel very proud of what I have achieved since then and am very grateful to all the coaches who have helped me in this journey.

I am so passionate about these skills that I am now running one day trainings to pass on some of these invaluable skills to anyone who would like to present easily and effortlessly and even enjoy it!  I co-present with the wonderful Catherine Jackson of Mind Training Systems who has a wealth of experience in many different trainings. Between us we have taught people some fabulous skills and continue to do so.

On the last training a very kind participant made the following comment 'Sally-Ann you are amazing, seeing the difference from before and after trainers training is awesome. Hope you are proud, I am so pleased for you!.'

Thank you so much for this comment. I am proud and am also very happy to be able to help you achieve this too.


Quit Smoking

Created: 03 January 2013

Have you often wondered how easy it is to give up smoking? I don't expect you have. I gave up smoking as soon as I decided to, with no withdrawals or cravings. The trouble is that the Media tell us how hard it is to give up! Everywhere you look there are articles and TV adverts telling you how difficult it is, and how much help you will need to do it.

In my personal experience, it was easy and I've helped many clients to achieve this very easily. If you want to give up smoking quickly, right now, forever, give me a call and I will tell you about my Quit Smoking programme where I guarantee to work with you until you succeed!


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