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Lightning Process with MS

Created: 20 November 2010

Wonderful to see my client with MS standing stronger and walking at a much faster pace (with the aid of her walker) on the third day of the Lightning Process training. Many things had changed for her including  better sleep, less leg twitching at night, stability, and general self esteem. It is amazing to see people make changes in such a short space of time.


10K Run and using the power of your mind

Created: 13 September 2010

Yesterday I completed my second 10k run and am feeling rather pleased with myself as I ran it 4 minutes faster than I did last year! What an amazing experience to complete the run and spend a fun filled family day in AliceHoltForest in the beautiful surroundings with the sun shining.

I started the race quite quickly, weaving my way through slower runners until I had a little space to run at my usual pace. Everything was going well until about the 4k mark when I began to get a stitch in my side and could hear my inner voice telling me to stop! At the 5k marker, after a very long hill climb, those running the 5k veered off to the right and I was tempted to join them but trudged on. I then had to use some of the NLP techniques, which I teach my clients, on myself. Instead of talking myself into stopping and leaving the race – I used the power of my mind in a much more useful way and began to tell myself that I could do anything I wanted to do which really motivated me and enabled me to climb that hill for the second time! It was wonderful to reach the top to be greeted by my father playing the bagpipes, causing me to finish the race with a big smile on my face.

Hundreds of people participated in the Fun Run and it was wonderful to see how people push the boundaries and rather than set themselves limitations and believe that they can do anything. Several of the participants were over 70 years old – what an amazing achievement.

What choices are you making in your lives? Are you using the power of your mind in a useful way or are you limiting yourselves? The choice is yours!!!



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Sally-Ann North

Sally-Ann North





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