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Children and Hypnosis

Created: 11 January 2011

I love working with children and Hypnosis. I just treated a little boy of 9 who goes blank everytime he has to write a story in English. With hypnosis we discovered that the first time he had to write a story his mind went blank and he got scared. The brain has learnt to repeat the behaviour every time he needs to write a story! In one session, he let go of the emotion and reprogrammed his brain to be relaxed and excited when writing a story. It's as simple as that!


Travel in the Snow

Created: 31 December 2010

I woke up on Sat 18th December to find my garden covered in about a foot of snow. Oh dear, I thought, we are due to go skiing from Gatwick tomorrow morning - how is that going to happen? Hugh told me we were 'stuffed' and would have to claim on the insurance. I was so determined that we were going on holiday and began to sort things out. Luckily my husband had parked our LandRover at the top of our very steep road or we would never have got out. After a few hours of planning ie. booking  a hotel at Gatwick (probably the last one left), walking the cat to the vets and packing - we trudged up our hill laden with cases and began our slow drive to Gatwick. The whole time I kept  visualising ourselves arriving at Club Med in Cervinia. We spent a pleasant few hours in the hotel, watching the lovely Kara Tointon win Strickly Come Dancing and slept for a few hours. At 3.00am we got up and went to face the queues at the airport. After an hour or so we managed to check in and then went through to departures to have a delicious breakfast of Eggs Benadict - my favourite! Our flight was due to leave at 6.25 but was delayed until 11.00am. What fun I had at the airport. I tried on several Gucci watches, went in to every single shop browsing, won a free makeover, as well as chatting  to some lovely young men who were also going skiing. The kids had had enough and when 11.00am came with no sign of boarding they were getting really fed up. We were told to sit and wait!

I decided that it was time to talk to my parking angel. She is the one I chat to when I need a parking space and she never lets me down. I told her that the kids had been very patient and that it was really time to go, so could she have a word with the flying angel. I  again visualised us arriving at Club Med. I opened my eyes and noticed that the flight was leaving at 11.45 and that it was time to board. Off we went and had a wonderful week skiing in Cervinia.

So, is it coincidence or did my angel hear me? I certainly thanked her. I wonder what you think?


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Sally-Ann North

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