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Created: 27 October 2011

Phil Parker has written yet another great book called   'Du- Unlock your full potential with a word', which is all about the language we use that can powerfully influence our lives. I use this language and think it is a must! To buy go to:


Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes!

Created: 26 October 2011

I have just spent a very inspiring weekend in London with Phil Parker and many other amazing Lightning Process Practitioners. Phil presented a great lecture on Chronic Pain and I picked up this amazing link to a You Tube video, which really helps you understand pain.

The Phil Parker P4 (Peak Performance) is also very effective in helping you deal with Stress and Pain. Have a look at


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Sally-Ann North

Sally-Ann North





SallyAnnNorth @crockersaurus Very strange times and I thrive on structure normally.