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Sally-Ann North has lived with Hypnosis for much of her life as her mother is a Qualified Trainer of Hypnotherapy.

As a patient herself for weight loss, smoking and childbirth, she was so impressed by the results that she set out on her own path of learning.

After studying under various eminent hypnotherapists she qualified in 1997 receiving her first Diploma from the Institute of Natural Therapy. In 2005 she completed a Diploma in NLP/Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching at the European College of Holistic Medicine, with Phil Parker, creator of the Lightning Process®.

Sally-Ann became one of the first Advanced Practitioner’s of the Phil Parker Lightning Process® and  held regular Seminars in the UK and Oslo. She has experience in working with people with ME/CFS and Depression/Anxiety and loves working with children. She has also worked with Phil Parker as a Supervisor/Coach on his Hypnotherapy Course in London. She also attended a Master NLP Training  with Sue Knight (author of NLP at Work).

Sally-Ann became a Master NLP Practitioner,Time Line Therapy™  Practitioner & Coach,  training with Mind Training Systems in Weybridge.

Sally-Ann trained with Drs Tad James (creator of Time Line Therapy™ ) & Adrianna James in Las Vegas and is now a fully certified NLP Trainer, trained by the best in the field and will shortly be running NLP courses.

Sally-Ann believes we can do whatever we want to do, that we are all unique and can change easily. This enables her to work within a client’s own construct of their world helping them to achieve a life they love and recognize their full potential. The majority of her clients come through personal recommendation.

She is a member of The British Institute of Hypnotherapy (BIH), ABH, ABHNLP, The  Time Line Therapy™ Association and registered with UKCHO (number 81513). She is also fully CRB checked.

Sally-Ann practises as a volunteer at The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham


What people are saying about me!


Sally-Ann is an inspirational Trainer and Coach. She is an established and valued member of Mind Training Systems Coaching Assistant's Team. Most recently Sally-Ann assisted at our NLP Practitioner Certification Training. Catherine Jackson


Having attended Sally-Ann's The Secret of Creating Your Empowered Life Training, I am delighted to endorse Sally-Ann. Sally-Ann's skill base is multifaceted which brings so much more to the training. Sally-Ann's presentation skills, kindness and integrity ensure you truly understand and benefit from the information being imparted. An amazing lady to meet and get to know. Thank you. Samantha Falconer


I have always been frightened of flying from a young age and decided to do something about it - I had read about how hypnotherapy could help, After meeting with Sally-Ann through networking I decided to approach her for a consultation, she is such an approachable knowledgeable and trustworthy person. A couple of months later, after my session, we went on our annual holiday flying and to my amazement I was calm at the airport and even managed to read a magazine on the plane (which is a first). So thank you Sally-Ann for your help, it really help me conquer my fear. Lisa Clunie


Don't let anything stand in the way of achieving your goals - whatever they may be. With Sally-Ann's help and guidance there is no limit to what you can do. I have not looked back. Thanks Sally-Ann. Sanchia Gallifent


Sally-Ann is an excellent trainer, her attitude, attention to details and organization are second to none and I would definitely recommend her. Tarek Elgayar


Sally-Ann North

Sally-Ann North





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